Expert Engineering & Interior Company is a professional, high-tech, high precision and high quality enterprise with over 05 years local trade experience specialized in the development ,manufacture, sale and after-sales service of IPS/UPS (Uninterrupted Power System),inverter and Storage Battery. To fit the varieties of customers and markets.

IPS range: Offline IPS: 400VA - 3000VA
UPS range: Offline UPS: 400VA - 5000VA

01. Online High frequency UPS single phase: 1Kva-15Kva
02. Online High Frequency UPS 3/1 phase: 10Kva-30Kva
03. Online High frequency UPS 3/3 phase: 10Kva-120Kva
04. Online low frequency UPS: 3Kva-600Kva (1/1 phase, 3/1 phase, 3/3 phase)
05. Rack Mounted UPS: 1Kva-10Kva

01. Modified sine wave inverter 500va, 1000va, 2000va
02. Pure sine wave inverter 1Kw, 2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 5KW, 6KW, 7KW, 8KW, 10KW.

01. Lead Acid Battery 12V 100AH - 12V 200AH
02. Deep Cycle Battery 12V 60AH - 12V 200AH
03. Gel Battery 12V 20AH - 12V 200AH

Our products have passed ISO9001, also with CE, ROSH, and FCC certificate. Our IPS & UPS products with the most advanced DSP technology, SMD technology, and Active input own factor correction (PFC), Adaptive load management and large-screen LCD. Innovative technology is our pursuit target. Our R&D center (research and development center) located in Dhaka. With first-class research and development conditions, Strong R&D team, research and development ability, ensure that the products of advanced and innovative. Continuously introduce more market competitive model to meet customers’ High reliability and high intelligent demands.