Our Service

Our Key Services

  • After Solar Installation & Renewable all product
  • After Installation all Interior product
  • Sales of power generators
  • After sales Air Condition
  • After sales IPS/UPS
  • After sales IPS/UPS
  • After sales Battery
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Independent Power Producer
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Rental Services
  • Independent Power Producer
  • Rental Services
  • Parts Supports
  • After sales Air Condition

Service & Warranty:

  • Basic service including guide of system installation, commissioning, monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and other technical support.
  • Comprehensive consultation. We not only sale hardware’s to you, but also system design and other consultation services, such as economic budget, system energy efficiency and corresponding feed in tariffs that can best suit your project on the basis of trade-offs.
  • Customized design. We formulate specific service programs to meet our clients' special requirements beyond our standardized service, such as location, labor cost, delivery risk and environmental tolerance, and so on. We also recommend products made by other manufacturers when we cannot do it.
  • Fast on-site guide. We provide on-site and remote assistant installation and commissioning services. Our high-speed response time is measured in hours, not days to help ensure the entire system operation.
  • Transparent communication, direct, act dynamically and efficiently.

Warranty Terms :

  • 1. Standard 1-year high performance guarantee from the date of purchase. Including repairmen and unit replacement or exchange from all defects of design, components selection, and manufacturing. You can also receive compensation for the time it'll take to install it.
  • 2. Extended Warranty is a plan of unlimited hour usage warranty for a period of up to 1 year according to your specific demand.
  • 3. Damages due to such conditions are excluded: opening the housing, transport damage, incorrect installation commissioning maintenance repair, insufficient ventilation, force majeure(e.g., storm, fire)Anytime you feel troublesome, you can call our service hot line +8801717 043321

What does the...not cover?

………………………………. Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear of the product or costs related to the removal, installation, or troubleshooting of the customer's electrical systems. These warranties do not apply to and …………………. will not be responsible for any defect in or damage to:

  • a) The product if it has been misused, neglected, improperly installed, physically damaged or altered, either internally or externally, or damaged from improper use or use in an unsuitable environment;
  • b) The product if it has been subjected to fire, water, generalized corrosion, biological infestations, acts of God or input voltage that creates operating conditions beyond the maximum or minimum limits listed in the ………………….. Product specifications including high input voltage from generators.
  • c) The product if repairs have been done to it other than by ………………….
  • d) The product if its original identification (trademark, serial number) markings have been defaced, altered, or removed.
  • e) The product if it has been damaged in lightning.
  • f) Any installation and operation beyond the scope covered by relevant safety regulations.


We would like to ask you to direct your requests for service to the service center. +880168 4326890. There are expert there who can assist you quickly and competently. When you call our service line, please have the following information at hand: inverter type, serial number, communications equipment, errors shown. When you communicate with us in writing, try to always tell us your exact situation of the affected products.